Re: NANFA-- Tadpole madtom update :-)

Mysteryman (
Tue, 13 May 2003 17:10:54 -0700

That's great news!

As for hatching time, I couldn't even guess. Pay attention and let us
all know once you find out.

How big are the eggs? You said they were large.

I had to feed my baby Flagfins greenwater for a week. I'm happy to
report that they're now weaned off of it, and now eat powdered flake
food. They'e grown about 1/16th of an inch in the past week, and the
coloration is starting to change.

A good source of suitable greenwater is a goldfish pool full of
anacharis. Scoop up some water, and scrape a few strands of plants along
the inner edge of the jar. A lot of good infusorians which are stuck to
the plants will come off into the water, enhancing the food value.
Oterwise, find a clump of plants in a regular pond and do the same
thing. While you're doing that, put a handful of hay into a jug of water
to produce some paramecia and other infusorians.

I've found that turning off the pumps and letting the fry swim in a
green cloud of soup works well. Turn the pumps back on in a half hour or
so. Repeat several times a day.
With any luck, these fry will be large enough to get past the
microscopic food needing stage in just a few days.
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