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Terri Vance (
Sat, 17 May 2003 05:37:38 -0400

Subject: Re: NANFA-- Tadpole madtom update :-)
Mysteryman states:
> That's great news!
> As for hatching time, I couldn't even guess. Pay attention and let us
> all know once you find out.
> How big are the eggs? You said they were large.

I've been documenting as much info as I can: H2O parameters, dates of
various behavioral changes, & the like.

I estimate the eggs to be 3mm, much larger than the Apistogramma spp. &
killies I've bred in the past. I peeked in on them again late last night &
the main egg cluster was gone, however, very close to where it had been I
saw a few remaining eggs mixed together w/ a bunch of wigglers. As they
were all clumped together, it was difficult to determine wiggler size.

When I peeked in on them this evening, the entrance was again open & I was
unable to detect any fry. I also noticed that the madtom guarding the empty
nest had a suspiciously plump tummy, as did a surprisingly small minnow
(~1"TL) I left in when I removed the Rosysided dace & larger mystery-sp.
minnow. I didn't notice any additional plumpness in the stonerollers (also
~1" TL), but I'm thinking they'd rather chow down on algae. I'm hoping at
least some of the fry managed to find their way to safety in the clumps of
Java moss I keep in the tank. Also, if these Tadpole madtoms breed for me
again, I plan to remove the eggs to safer quarters the minute I spot them.
Assuming these guys produce another batch for me, any idea how adhesive the
eggs are or the best way I might move them? My experience w/ egg-moving is
limited to individual killie eggs laid in Java moss.

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