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Terri Vance (
Sat, 17 May 2003 05:53:45 -0400

One of my fellow local club members forwarded the correspondence below as it
might be of interest to anyone thinking about taking fish w/ them on an
airplane to/from the Huntsville convention.

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> An alarming message from ACA member Mike Wise:
> Last year (ACA 2002), I was given a very difficult
> time at Newark, NJ,
> Airport. After learning that I was carrying two well
> packed, three-inch
> Hemichromis lifalili, intending to bring them into the
> cabin with me, the
> airline staff demanded that I leave the security area
> and escorted me back
> out into the main terminal. From there I was
> interrogated by someone from
> central control who was called to the seen
> specifically for that purpose. I
> was told that I would have to pay an additional $70.00
> to carry my fish into
> the cabin. Rather than pay the money, I explained
> that I had spoken with the
> appropriate airline personnel prior to booking the
> flight and was assured
> that I could carry my two fish into the cabin with me
> at no extra charge.
> The security officer explained that such was not
> airport policy, to which I
> responded that my flight was leaving in ten minutes.
> By this time, I had
> been at the airport for over an hour-and-a-half.
> In the end, I was allowed to board, fish in hand,
> without having to pay for
> the privilege or further hassle, but this was an
> experience that I don't care
> to repeat.
> Continental will accept pets on their planes, arranged
> in advance, as cargo
> for $80.00, but according to the airline's Live Animal
> Desk, will only accept
> dogs, cats, rabbits and birds.
> Does anyone here on the list have any information or
> recommendations
> regarding getting our fish to Cincinnati successfully?
> I've already asked
> someone at the host club about it via email and was
> told "I can't speak for
> the airlines, so I would suggest that you call the
> carrier that you are
> considering using and ask them." Been there, done
> that thank you.
> All the best,
> Randall Kohn
> Chester, NJ
> Rik,
> Thanks for the promo. Unfortunately I won't be able to
> bring anything this
> time. Ever since last December, when airlines started
> X-raying or visually
> inspecting every piece of baggage, I have found it
> impossible to take fish
> on aircraft as baggage - carry on or checked in.
> Before December I could get
> them on mixed in my luggage, but not now that
> everything going on the plain
> is checked out. Some airlines will take them as air
> freight at a high cost,
> but that is all. Have others found this to be true?
> Does anyone know of any
> domestic US airlines that permits taking fish as
> baggage?
> If I wanted to take fish then I'd just ship them to
> the Hotel room I was
> going to be in and have them held at the desk until I
> arrive. Also getting
> fish back home would just do the reverse. That is why
> I didn't bother at the
> OCA. Didn't want to go through the hassle. Only easy
> way is to drive yourself
> and just pack up your car.
> Jerry*B*
> I suggest driving there -- cheaper and almost as quick
> when you consider the delays at the airports at each
> end plus the hassle and uncertainty of fish transport.
> From here it is less than a 10 hour drive. Probably 2
> hours more for you.
> Lee Harper
> That's fine - unless like me you live 1500 miles from
> the event. In the past,
> when I was invited to talk at various club meetings
> around the country, I would
> bring a few pairs of apistos for the mini auction. Now
> the costs involved make
> it impossible.
> Mike Wise
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