Re: NANFA-- not thinking-long
Fri, 23 May 2003 13:01:47 EDT

long hair algae and the floating gloop algae is the worse for my pool too.
the water stays clear tho for which i am most thankful because it allows nice
snorkling. the other day i stood in the pool and slowly twisted my feet / legs
like a fork of speggetti. eventually my feet were wrapped together tightly. i
pulled off these great globs of hair algae and put it on the pools edge.
several days later talk about a stink... whew. on to the compost pile it went.
of late lots of rain has fell and my roof gutters lead to the pool. for each
inch of rain i get about 3 in the pool. it seems as if that is minimizing the
algae growth... tho it could also be the cool temps and overcast weather.
i have about 6 stonerollers, goldfish, a koi and a herd of getting big golden
shiners... all of which eat the stuff. stone rollers will have about 6' of
long green strand poop hanging out as they swim about. ive seen the koi suck
down hair algae like speggeti. last year i had to spend too much time dipping out
the globs... which at the same time inadverdently removes small juvi fish. i
try to leave some areas untouched.
difficult challenge. i feel like more "higher" plants such as iris, cattails,
rushes, lillys, etc. and perhaps a shading of a portion of the pool will
minimize algae growth.
interestingly in the 8' deep section i have a lush forest of anacharis
established. its a joy to dive down and hold on to some concrete blocks and view the
forest and it critters.
this year looks a lot better than last year... but we have not got into the
blazing heat of summer yet. time will tell if the increased rain water and more
plant growth is benefitial.
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