NANFA-- Arkansas Ozark Gathering of Fisheads part 2

Fri, 23 May 2003 10:02:14 -0700 (PDT)

Clear Creek was a mile or so off the main road to
Harrison from Yellville .Clear Creek was to be the 3rd
of 4 sites . Actually I hadn't announced this location
but had it in mind in case of problems at other sites
There must have been recent heavy rain upstream
because the creek was at flash flood stage .Water was
flowing over the top of the slab bridge .The 3 large
culverts on the up side of the bridge were completely
submerged and on the downside the culverts were
spewing water like giant fire hoses . On the downside
is a deep pool where Smallmouth bass hang out to
ambush fishes passing thru the culverts .The up side
is normally no deeper than knee level at most . Now it
might have been neck deep with fast current .Next to
the bank on the up side is an extensive flat hard
surface area often used for parking . This time it was
1 to 3 feet under water with sharp drops and gullies
.That is where we did our collecting . Wild and wooly
. Kevin and I used a seine net as did Bob and Dave .
Thinking about getting sucked thru one of those
culverts kept things very steady and careful of where
you were at all times .
The fishes collected/sampled/netted and released
Rainbow darters , Orangethroat darters , Arkansas
Saddled darters ,Spotted topminnows , Northern
studfish , Hornyhead chubs , Slender madtoms and young
no ID shiners .

Our next stop was to be Harrison lake filled and
drained by Crooked Creek . This was a location I was
very interested in sampling to note the difference in
diversity in the different habitats . The creek above
the lake is relatively deep followed by a shallow
section of lake with sandbars followed by a deeper
section of lake and the weir . On the other side of
the weir is an overflow pool and then a shallow
section of Crooked Creek . It would be a nice location
for snorkelers to work in good weather.
When we got to the city there was bad news . It was
Crawdad Days in Harrison .Thousands of people sucking
crawdad heads . Couldnt even find a place to park
.There would be no collecting in the Harrison Lake
area today . Thus ended our little expedition .
Everyone talked of a repeat and truth be told most
were worn out anyhow . Didn't even get to suck a
crawdad head . Bill Hoppe... Arkansas Ozarks

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas
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