Re: NANFA-- pet store forays

Ty Hall (
Mon, 03 May 2004 13:48:00 -0500

>From an LFS point of view....Often times I get people coming in trying to unload
fish on me. Unfortunately it is not always possible for me to take them. I do what
I can but I don't keep empty tanks around waiting for free Oscars or other large
fish that have outgrown their owners tanks. My tanks are usually full of fish and
there is simply no room-in-the inn.

On the original topic, I like to do this-in-one of my large distributors. They
very often have "odd" fish mixed in with the other tropicals. I haven't found
anything spectacular yet, but it's fun to look.


BG Granier wrote:

> Casper,
> Wish that I could, but the LFS's have all but gone out-of-business down
> here! The Petsmart's and Petco's have taken over and are not user-friendly
> at-all...........
> Had a friend that was breeding African Cichlids by the 1000's and guess
> what, he arrived-in-his aquaculture farm one morning to find that all his
> stock had been poisoned, sabotaged and therefore ruined his operation.
> They didn't burn him out, just used chemical methods to ruin him and that's
> what I find so suspicious, if you know what I mean!
> Maybe I'm paranoid, but I don't think so. Have you ever tried to even "give"
> fish to a big retailor that I've previously mentioned? They say that they
> have no way to accept them........hummmmmm.
> BG
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