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Todd Crail (
Tue, 11 May 2004 10:29:15 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Shane. Let's just hold off on it for now, but keep it in mind. I think Bob has a good point, but even with that we still need to iron some stuff out. I have a bad habit of providing an over technical solution to meet our needs ;) I also think something like "NANatives" would be better. It would be non-partisan between the two Native fish clubs, while consisting of their members and aquaintances, the clubs would have no liability in the channel.

Bob, the thing that concerns me about two lists sanctioned by NANFA is a stratification of ideas... The potential for assigning a value to a post. Like "That's not good enough for NANFA proper. Please take it over to 'The NANFA Lounge'" or whatever. I think that is going to be even _more_ open to subjective opinion than what we have now.

As I think about it more and as I've had feedback both on and off list, I think relaxing the guidelines _a little bit_ to be very clear about what is off topic or inappropriate (computer viruses, jokes, pop culture, commercial posts).

And instead of saying this really vague concept around what are national, local and social policy issues affecting native fish, and then being reciprocally vague about what is truly flame fodder...

1) We set up a (oh my I'm using korporate speak (tm) on a nature thing, agh.) "Process" where any member of NANFA can request to stop a thread they feel has become out of line, headed straight to heck, or already discussed too many times with no resolution, etc on the BOD list or through a BOD member to post via proxy to the BOD list.

2) At that point, we could say if 2 BOD members agree it should be requested to stop, which the Board is _very_ responsive to the BOD list, then one will request it stop with the phraseology they both agree on.

This will prevent our little SNAFU from last Thursday or whenever it was from happening again. ;)

3) Anyone posting after a thread has been requested to stop will be contacted off list, no biggie. It dies then.

What about something like that? Suggestions, criticisms, complaints welcome :)


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Yep, I'm still here. :)
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