NANFA-- List protocol - Delete if you don't care what I think

Ty Hall (
Tue, 11 May 2004 12:40:47 -0500

It's my turn to get on the soap box and pontificate. First, let me preface with
the fact that I am not a card carrying member of NANFA, never have been. I have
been a subscriber to this list for many years, enjoyed it and hope that I have, in
some small part, been able to add to the discussions.

My opinion is that I don't care what topics come up. Sure the list was designed to
exchange info based on native fish, but we are all intelligent people and we
should see no problem in raising issues we feel are relevant. Of all of the posts
that are generated from this list, I typically delete 80%. Not because they are
off topic, simply because I read the subject and it does not perk my interest.
This deleting takes about 5 seconds of my time each time I log in. (An arduous
task to be sure...oh whoa is me...)

Instead of having self appointed net nannies stomp their foot and declare "cease
and desist", it would be better to have a single appointed (or is that annointed?)
person that could step in and politely request that a line of discussion be
terminated. If it is not, then those that continue it could loose their list
privileges for a short time. This allows us the freedom to discuss things and yes
even disagree from time to time while still knowing a line will be drawn.

Hearing people's opinions, in a frank and non-threating way, is what really makes
a list, like this, come alive. It becomes a discussion instead of a dissertation.
I learn a little about what each person is like from their perspective and that is
usually more interesting then talking about how many scales a particular fish has
on its opercule. This list should be treated as a face to face encounter. If you
were talking to someone and they said something you didn't like, you would simply
walk away or state your opinion. You would not tell them to shut up.

Sorry for the length of this post. I guess I had more (or less depending on
perspective) to say then I thought.

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