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Thu, 27 May 2004 14:52:01 EDT

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> Carp are easy to blame for anything, like snakeheads. They are big, visible,
> everyone knows what one is. Plus, not many people hold them in high regard.
> Have a problem? Blame the carp. After all, they are muck suckers. I found
> most people who hate carp so passionatly, also lump quillback, buffalo and
> other large carp like suckers right in with carp. You will find all of them
> lining the banks in areas. That is too bad, but it outlines how turning a
> type of fish into a demon, can have bad results for any that are remotely
> similar.
I think we should import the Wels catfish to control the carp. In their
natural habitat the wells is the carps natural predator able to eat all but the
largest adult carp. I'm not sure what eats the Wels but I'll get back to you as
soon as I find out. Meanwhile lets go ahead with the Wels introduction, they'll
be a great sports fish and they'll clean up the carp. My reasoning is about
as clear as most of the reasons fish have been "stocked" outside their natural
range. And most "exotics" have been intentionally "stocked" for sports
fishing,-in-least the most widespread and damaging have.

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