NANFA-- amano
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:18:34 EST

hello nanfa folk...
this last weekend the japanese aquascaper amano visited chattanooga for the
aquatic gardeners 2nd annual conference. both conferences have been held in
chattanooga and hosted by charlene nash of the tn aquarium. karen randel who
writes for aqaurium fish mag also attended. a fellow from the netherlands
lectured on dutch style planted aquariums.
the real treat for me was meeting and hearing amano. ive blown away by his
books... the nature aquarium world series. i have attempted to follow his
teachings on setup w/ minimal success but bought some gear at the
conference... substrate (flourite from seachem), compact flor fixtures, and a
co2 injector system which should greatly enhance my attempts.
they also held a contest for best planted tanks which were extremely nice.
one fellow did one strictly of texas plants which was greatly admired. these
people go for very little fish... often keeping only plants! many, many
plants sold for high dollar in the auction yet hardware was attained quite
cheaply. im gonna do all my shopping at this and nanfa's conference from now
no nanfa members attended, but i did my best at promoting us. a few folks
were interested in natives but as i said most were plants only.
amano setup his first tank in north america under our eyes. he used locally
collected rock, stones and driftwood collected from atop signal mountain.
very impressive. tho he could not speak english he had an interpreter who did
a great job translating. he shared his thoughts, techniques, answered
questions. excellent.
this conference was attended by folks from all over n america and a few
countries. probably twice maybe 3 times as many attended as do our nanfa
conferences. but i got to tell you we have more fun!
still when i heard amano was coming for his first visit to n america i had to
go. very glad i did. i hope to use this new equipment, knowledge and
enthusiasm to setup an awesome 75 gallon tank.
if any of you have not seen his books... take a look!

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