NANFA-- paint rock / cement pond work
Mon, 12 Nov 2001 19:37:50 EST

hey guys...
that is too late in the season for me... i about froze in s chickamauga the
other day. fish were out and about but no color. 58 degrees was the water. i
was a frozen slab of meat when i hiked home and it took all evening to get my
body temp back up. during my steaming hot shower scalding water was flooding
my skin but going down the drain as ice water! brr.
ive been spending all my time constructing my cement pond structures (
watefalls, filtration, pump housings, plumbing and painting. getting ready
for the spring green growth.
i drained it last month and found 4 species of sunfish... spotted, long ear,
red breast and warmouth, croppie, channel and yellow bullhead catfish, black
spotted top minnows ( had breed ! ), stonerollers, 2 unknown shiners, 1 koi (
who was there when i bought the house ), and bg's gar... now up too 16".
crayfish, turtles and a multitude of insects and shrimp were also collected.
all the fathead minnows and goldfish were gone, probably consumed by the gar.
ph was over 8 and may have killed some species. but i was quite impressed by
what survived this old green cement pond water. i will refill it with roof
guttered rainfall this winter. ive built a waterfall and 10' x 18' massive ug
filter. this gravel bed will be the substrate for plants... mainly emergents
such as iris and cattails.
i also collected a bunch of little 1 year sunfish... i think they are hybrids
of longear and redbreast.
im working hard on this... my sign and graphic business is very slow so jamie
and i are using the pleasant weather and time to get the pool ready for
spring before the cold runs us inside. it is a lot of work indeed but i think
it will be very nice this summer.

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