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Steven -

Here are a few more:

Cahn, A.R. 1927. An ecological study of southern Wisconsin fishes - the
brook silverside (Labidesthes sicculus) and the cisco (Leucichthys artedi)
and their relations to the region. Illinois Biological Monographs

Grier, H.J., D.P. Moody, and B.C. Cowell. 1990. Internal fertilization and
sperm morphology in the brook silverside, Labidesthes sicculus. Copeia
1990: 221-226.

Hubbs, C.L. 1921. An ecological study of the life history of the
freshwater atherine fish Labidesthes sicculus. Ecology 2(4): 262-276.

Nelson, J.S. 1968. Life history of the brook silverside, Labidesthes
sicculus, in Crooked Lake, Indiana. Trans Am Fish Soc 97: 293-296.

Zimmerman, C.J. 1970. Growth and food of the brook silverside, Labidesthes
sicculus, in Indiana. Trans Am Fish Soc 99: 435-438.

The Cahn paper is an impressive field study of reproductive behavior,
movements, response to light, etc. The Grier et al paper is a
ground-breaking demonstration that the brook silverside lays eggs with
embryos at varying stages of development.

- Jan Hoover
Vicksburg, MS

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Thanks, Chris!

See, that's why you're our hero! (-:

Seriously, this is more than I imagined I would get, which underscores your
earlier pitch for NANFA membership. I would never have had time to track
all of these down on my own.


Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

>1974 Mar-Apr
>Ray Katula, "The Native Flying Fish"
>How to set up an aquarium for the brook silversides; comments on how the
>fish spawns in the wild
>1985 Jan
>J. R. Shute, "Tips on Collection and Handling of Silversides"
>The collecting and transporting of silversides; aquarium rearing and
>Sue Ann Slotterback, "Care and Keeping of Silversides"
>Water quality and gentle handling necessary for silversides (species not
>Dave Hall, "Collecting and Keeping the Brook Silverside"
>Collecting, safe handling and aquarium rearing of the brook silversides
>(reprinted in Winter 1999 AC as "Surprisingly Hardy Silversides")
>1985 Feb
>Dick Stober, "Spawning the Brook Silversides"
>Brief mention in letter to the editor regarding the spawning of the brook
>Chris Scharpf

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