NANFA-- The Compleat A/C on CD

D. Martin Moore (
Fri, 16 Nov 2001 19:04:58 -0600

As many of you know, I instigated some talk a while back about
scanning all the past issues of Lateral Line, American Currents,
etc., and producing a CD which could be sold for a reasonable
price. After a few false starts and careful thought about the time
and dedication that this project requires, I have decided to abdicate
from the self-appointed post of A/C CD project manager in favor of
someone with sufficient enthusiasm and energy to see the task
through to its completion.

I have had some correspondence with Tom Watson, who was one
of the most enthusiastic proponents early on. He has expressed
an interest in accepting the baton, which I gratefully pass to him.
However, this does not mean I have abandoned the project. I will
be helping Tom by scanning stuff under his direction, or whatever
else he needs. Now, hear my plea: THERE IS A LOT OF STUFF
TO SCAN AND HELP IS NEEDED! Please contact either me or
Tom if you are willing to help, and can COMMIT to working on it.

The fact that I have taken a smaller role does not reflect on how
important I consider this task to be. To the contrary - it is so
important that it needs to be delegated to somebody who has the
resources to see it through. The A/C compendium is one of the
best things we can do for ourselves right now with minimum capital
expenditure, and it will be a revenue generator for NANFA.

Thank you all,

Martin Moore
NANFA Secretary and Regional Representative Plenipotentiary

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