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Irate Mormon (
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 13:37:11 -0600

So, what's a practical alternative? Euthanize the sick fishes? Take a bacterial culture and grow it out, and hope the fishes don't die
before you or the vet can make a righteous diagnosis? (Don't forget to pay the vet his $40 or so...) Or maybe aquarists should have
to get a pharmacy degree.

The idea that dumping antibiotic-resistant bacteria "100 yards from the headwaters of your favorite trout stream" is a real danger is far-
fetched as well. Nobody is really treating wild fishes in their native habitat, so the fact that the bacteria are resistant is irrelevant.
Furthermore, if what you are suggesting is that aquarium-borne infections may be spread to wild populations through water changes,
then the entire aquarium hobby is in real trouble. We should all give up keeping fishes. After all, why take a chance?

On 12 Nov 2002 at 13:33, Crail, Todd wrote:

> So you're okay with someone dumping their post-tank nuking water
> change into their leechbed 100 yards from your favorite salmon
> headwaters? Or down the driveway into the stormdrain? Cause you
> know, E coli *never* makes it into the water :)
> The goal is always education. Wether concerning proper aquaria
> procedure or Anthrax scares (did anyone else watch the med racks at
> the shops during the scare?).
> Apathy is the real enemy and evil in that light, and I'd prefer to
> stick to a society that requires prequalification before allowing
> anyone to dispense these chemicals for whatever cause. A pharmacist
> spends how long in school to gain the right to dispense these
> chemicals to humans? A medical doctor spends how long in school to
> gain the right to dispense these chemicals to humans?

Jackson, MS

Life's a fish and then you fry.
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