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On 13 Nov 2002 at 16:02, Dave McNeely wrote:

I knew somebody was going to take me up on this! What I am talking about, without resorting to an in-depth discussion of bacteral
genetics which I am neither inclined nor qualified to do, is simply natural selection. I understand that outside the realm of pure
phiosophy, any perfectly (or imperfectly) logical construction is liable to fail the real-world test.

> I'm not sure what "It just stands to reason," means with regard to
> something like this. Whether or not a reaction of this nature exists
> is determined by scientific experiments. Quite often, things that
> "just stand to reason," simply don't exist. Some examples from
> history include that the earth is flat, that neural tissue cannot
> regenerate, and that dilution is an adequate solution to pollution.
> Whether or not bacteria develop resistance to a particular treatment
> can be determined by appropriately designed experiments. But getting
> such experiments funded would likely require objective evidence that
> resistance exists.
> >
> > I am also wondering about the origin of this "resistant strain" of
> > fish TB
> whereof Mr. Huntley spoke. I know a lot of stuff has been
> > circulated on the net about it, but really, is there any documented
> factual basis for claims that this is a result of aquarium use of >
> antibiotics? Other than a bunch of folks talking, I mean.


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