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At risk of being labelled Greenpeacin', Treehuggin', Liberal Nut Job.... :)

** Because when you live 45 miles away from a nuclear reactor that had a football sized hole discovered in the reactor head, with nearly half of the lead envelope around that corroded away as well from "leaking" nitric acid, you start to wonder if electricity is really worth that. It feels like you may have been minutes away from being able to illuminate your own personal space. Not to mention, having another nuclear power plant 45 miles in the other direction, where instead of melting down, they ran an emergency flush into Lake Erie (Does this count for native fish? :) so the exposure would be diluted and the core cooled quickly and they wouldn't wipe out Detroit. Poke around the web and periodicals on Davis Besse and Fermii II, you'll find some very interesting reading. Not to mention all the yucko they're trying to dump off in my Mother-in-Law's back yard when they're done with it. **

And those are vast tracts of land already converted to human use, mister. If that wind is so bad in ANWR, then why are Greenpeacers proposing we put windmils in the Dakotas, Texas and Oklahoma? There's money to be made up there! God forbid that an individual in the continental 48 *profit* from *multiuse* of their land. It would really really really suck to see an American farmer or rancher turn a profit for once without subsidation, wouldn't it? Or, have an entire community use the roofs of their homes to sell back to the energy company and reverse the flow of the grid, making money on selling their product to high energy use companies who's profits off set paying out to the consumers? Man that would just be a painful consumer money making world, living a real American dream, in control of some of their own destinies, with me sounding like some sort of money making conservative, regulation free liberterian, and I would obviously hate to see that. ;)

Now, I must admit, you're right... They're gonna drill it, and it would be so much better to do it thoughtfully, than to rush. I've obviously not given up my car, my commute and gas lawnmower (although the plan is to get one of those push jobbies once I line the entire yard with prairie plants :). It was with great pleasure that I read this last Wenesday: I just don't like the precedence this may set. I fear that the only thing that's going to suffer are untapped natural resources in other countries that could have had *their futures* planned out thoughtfully.

Now, I think I'm going to go out back now and suffer for the environment in the cold a bit while watching the Leonids put on their show. :)


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**Greenpeacers make me chuckle. They're dead set against nuclear power (WHY) but think we should convert vast tracts of land
into solar and wind generator fields. THAT's not going to affect the environment, NO SIR!

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