Re: NANFA-- Fwd: Environment down the tubes

Robert Carillio (
Mon, 18 Nov 2002 22:57:59 -0600

Hello everybody.... I know I am a "Johnny come lately" on this latest
discussion, as I have not been following this due to lack of time. Tonight,
however, I did read a few comments and I want to throw in a couple cents
worth. If what I say has already been elaborated on, please excuse me.....

As far as ANWAR goes.... If anyone thinks that drilling for more oil in
this place is going to aid in becoming independent from foreign oil, they
must also believe in the Great Pumpkin! I am not going to dig up all the
latest stats right now in this forum, ( If I'm challenged, I will) but at
the rate the USA consumes oil, this would hardly help. There is no way
around the fact that as long as we consume this product at the rate we do,
we will have to depend on foreign oil as well.

Saudi Arabia, with it's perfect conditions for accessible oil, is why so
much of it comes from there in the first place. They are among the worlds
largest oil fields. According to USGS stats, one can see that there is no
way that in both reserves and even USA total known resources, that we can
continue to support our gluttonous consumption of this product.

The precedent drilling in a nationally protected area such as ANWAR can
set, as I see it, just may make it impossible to protect anything else
anywhere else. If we can't even set aside a place as pristine as this, we
will invite a situation of "anything goes" and make a mockery of
protection laws for the environment. It's simply NOT the long term answer.

Ideally, as most would probably agree, exploring alternative fuel sources
is the sensible way to go. It will open up new job and technology
opportunities as well as perhaps protect our environment. In addition,
achieving independence from foreign oil could be aided by using less oil in
the first place. Drilling for more oil, and promoting the use of more, is
like a person in debt, paying off credit cards with credit cards. It's just
a short term solution, even if that, to a long term problem.

How can we use less?.... Well, I don't think most people want to hear this,
and I do realize it is unlikely in a country like this, but maybe we can
walk a little more when possible and purchase more fuel efficient vehicles.
Collectively, figure it out... less fuel consumption, means less needed...
Or... we can take the approach of continuing to look at "band-aid" short
term solutions like ANWAR drilling, which benefit few. If this idea of
less consumption slaughters a sacred cow, I'm sorry, but each of us,
including myself, has to look at how we can make a difference because this
way we can volunteer, and not be told that we have to do it someday then
accuse a government agency of trying to take freedoms away....

Ultimately, we must face the facts.... resources AND reserves.. we're going
to run out.. period. Then what?.... Yes... alternative energy sources,
your time is here.... new tecnology, new jobs, new customers, new addition
to the economy, cleaner environment?... I must be dreaming! Maybe, but
really though folks, it's just facing reality with long term vision....
Independence from foreign oil???. How about a bit more independence from
OIL???... :-)

P.S. I will not respond to rude comments as those conversations shall be
diffused... HA!

Rob likes ya all!
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