NANFA-- air pumps and a dorm fridge- daily humor

Traci Mount (
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 00:54:41 -0500

This sounds like something I would do! Being the ingeneous person I am I
have devised the perfect plan for you to convert the inside of a dorm
refrigerator into a convertible cold air pump. (I flatter myself)
If I were in your situation and did indeed want to make my fridge a
temporary source of cold air this is what I would do: _assuming_this is your
own fridge. (My old dorm room came w/ one. :)

#1 drill a hole in a convenient spot. Run some electricity into the fridge
via an extension cord or whatever, silicon and insulate that puppy and you
have an electric outlet in your fridge.
#2 drill a small hole and fit a nice piece of airline tube through.(the hard
kind that comes w/ undergravel filters) seal and insulate.

There you have it, add an air pump and air line into and our of the fridge
when you need cold air, add some air valves when you don't... convertible
fridge. :D You may need to strap that air pump down... not like I know...;)
I hope I'm the only person who would do crazy stuff like this.

****I am not responsible for any property damage to refrigerators or
electrocutions that might take place.

Traci Mount
Department of Forestry, Wildlife & Fisheries
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

PS. Ray, I enjoy hearing your opinions, and everyone else's for that matter.
Actually, I believe we all enjoy hearing each others opinions, however we do
need to keep in mind thats what they are: opinions.

>intrigued by the suggestion to put an air pump in a dorm fridge and cool
>the air that goes into an aquarium instead of running the water through
>the fridge and cooling it directly, as has been the standard use of dorm
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