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Crail, Todd (
Tue, 19 Nov 2002 08:30:53 -0500

When was anyone in support of wind and solar energy talking about converting
natural ecosystems? There's plenty of land that has already been converted to
human use that could be multipurpose, and should at least be given a chance to
see how far it can go. I mean really, what does the roof on your house do
besides reflect and waste sun energy? That space has already had its biomass
displaced. Might as well use those before arguing to start converting
currently UNALTERED natural spaces designated as "reserves" and "preserves"
sheesh. :)

The most beautiful piece of human altered land that I've seen was in the hills
surrounding Oakland, California. While this once was a fantastic piece of the
native floristic province, it had been trashed with mining and erurasian
grasses for cattle. But it was currently being used for both cattle and wind
energy and neither seemed bothered that the other was happening in the same
place. That farmer actually might be making money...

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biomass, solar and wind require more space for production-
which means more land must be altered that could otherwise support a
natural ecosystem.
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