Sun, 2 Nov 2003 15:31:09 -0600

Jay wrote:
>>>Jan, do you have any information for WWMD for 2004? I wonder if we can
start advertising and planning this earlier.<<<

Jan responds:

Based on last year's chronology, WWMD 2004 will probably be promoted
sometime after the closing date for data entry (in December). I would
expect information to become available in mid- to late-spring.

This year we had several members who participated (in IL, OH, LA, and MS).
About the same as last year, though, despite earlier promotion on the email
list, an article in AC, and member accounts on regional webpages, etc.

Why so little participation ?

I think the problems were:
people believed that they HAD to have the WQ kits; there were too many steps
(and too much time involved) in getting them; most members just aren't that
interested in Secchi discs.

My plan for next year:

1. Order some kits as soon as they become available. Since the CE is an
active partner in WWMD, there may be a way for me to do this on my own. If
not, I may request money from NANFA BOD for a limited number (e.g., 10-12).

2. Supplement the kits with organismal goodies - including ID guides for
water quality sensitive invertebrates, etc. - whatever I can get my hands

3. Write another AC article about what happened in 2003, about the kits,
and about what could happen in 2004. Get the article published in the
summer issue just before WWMD registration. Offer the kits gratis to
members that will promise to use them to best advantage.

4. Email list reminders, links, etc.

5. Hope for a more enthusiastic response.

Frankly, I was pretty disappointed by the apparent lack of interest in a
group of people who should have vested interests in the waters around them.
If a more biological (and generous) approach like this fails to generate
greater participation, then nothing probably will.
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