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Denkhaus, Robert (
Wed, 5 Nov 2003 13:24:47 -0600

The following came from the Ecolog list and I was wondering whether someone
out there might be able to provide us with a list of species that they have
assigned values to and some idea of what those values are. Thanks!

Investigation and Monetary Values of Fish and Freshwater
Mussel Kills

Robert I. Southwick and Andrew J. Loftus, editors
This book is an update and expansion of the widely
accepted monetary values of fish that have been published
by AFS since 1975 (last updated in 1992 as Special
Publication 24). This publication has been adopted
as the legal basis for restitution or fines in more
than half the states and has been upheld in numerous
legal challenges.
In this current version, freshwater mussels are included
for the first time. The publication contains comprehensive
methods for assessing fish kills and freshwater mussel
kill events and for assessing restitution based on
replacement cost for organisms lost in the kill. Tables
containing updated replacement cost values for most
major fish species that are cultured and for all freshwater
mussel species in the U.S. are included.
This book is a must for anyone involved with fish
or freshwater mussel kills, propagation, and water
pollution policy.

Rob Denkhaus
Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge
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