Re: NANFA-- just to create paranoia ;)

Lance Merry (
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 17:24:41 -0800 (PST)

I've had a problem like this with rock bass. (This is probably something different because no crater is formed.) If my tank has an algea bloom (not uncontrollable but to where everything is covered) my rock bass get these small bubbles on their skin and they start acting funny then they will quit eating. It will end up killing them if not removed to another tank. This might sound silly but I only get algea blooms in the tanks with rock much so that I don't keep a light on my rock bass tank.

Lance Merry
Decatur, IL

Steffen Hellner <> wrote:
If one encounters small bubbles on the skin, with evolving margins like a
tiny vulcan crater and the flesh inside gets necrotic then he has joined the
team. Think first who reported this was the late Prof. Schubert from the
University of Hohenheim, Germany, the famous expert in fish diseases.

I showed him my fingers and he said: bingo!

But it4s not very serious and will come ang go and come and ...

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