Re: NANFA-- The best catch I've ever made...

Todd Crail (
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 20:39:57 -0500

Thanks again, guys. I think I'm going to start a route that can lead to dam
removal. I sent a proactive, blameless, "concerned citizen, how can I
help?" type letter to the mayor today. I stuck to the facts, pointed out
the glaring problems (the dam and the rescuers ignorance of what just
happened), and provided potential solutions. The teacher at MVCDS where I
set up the aquariums was in the mayor's office last week and said "He's the
most unpolitician politician I've ever met." That was a compliment, by the
way :) So we'll see how that goes... No response, Fire Chief Michael Bell
gets a letter. No response...

"You called down the thunder... Well now you got it curr! And hell's
coming with me!"

Man, I've always wanted to just yell that at someone and mean it. :)

Today I was starting to be able to think back through it. I remembered
something really funny. I totally froze when I first looked and saw what
was happening, but by knowing some trivia about human behavior (or animal
behavior for that matter), I was able to snap out of it quickly. I learned
of this reaction in a very strange way, I can't for the life of me remember
what psychologists call it...

I was in a doctors office reading "People" magazine, which I find can be
amusing if read from the back forward. It makes more sense that way, I
think, especially when other options are limited (it's not like they have AC
there ;) Part of the content I parused was about that wiley band of
pranksters known as Jack_at_$$ from MTV and movie fame... While all that I was
looking at was part of a world I divorced when I killed my television three
years ago... Even disgusting, counterintuitive things can make some good if
used appropriately. Mileage may vary, of course.

Any way, the prank they'd pulled was to abduct Brad Pitt from in front of a
grocery store or someplace high profile like that. Someplace where Brad
Pitt would draw a crowd and attention and then see how everyone reacted when
they sped up in a van and threw him in, and then peeled off. Apparently,
everyone froze... didn't even make a movement like they were going to help
(I never saw the clip, so correct me if I'm wrong). And, this is a normal
piece of psychology to freeze... It's like an archetype or something (don't
let me start acting like I understand Jung :) Since reading that bit, I've
prepared myself to not freeze, given that I am around water so much. I
guess it worked.

So the last thing that ran through my mind before I began my ascent of the
ravine wall was...

Brad Pitt.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood.
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