Re: NANFA-- The best catch I've ever made...

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 24 Nov 2003 23:40:11 -0600

If you freeze, you may blend in and divert the attention of whatever danger
to others who are running, such as the case of our ancestors being attacked
by a large feline. Just my guess? Kind of like how a fishing lure works,
all that wobbleing attracts the predator, while normal acting forage in the
area blends in and tries not to draw attention to itself. Since the water
and dam was not likely to run after and attack you, I guess again that this
is just and instict to fear and the vision of another human in dire straits?
Possibly your body is saying, wait, don't move, will it come after me next.
Or choose you as an easier target. I am basing this on the human/feline

There was an interesting show on this topic on Discovery, ala walking with
Dinosaurs. It showed primitive man apes and how they decided to help others
in the group who were attacked, and possibly how we developed using our
minds instead of body parts to defend ourselves against predation. A group
of man apes tossing rocks at an attacking cat was a pretty good deterent,
while single man ape picking up food was easy pickings. But, the cats
learned as well. Often this single gatherer was backed up by a team of rock
throwers nearby, and maybe the fleet footed deer like animal was a better

I want to add to others, Todd, we need more people like you out there
watching over others. The worse that can happen is you here stories of
people in your situtation who did nothing, and live with that for the rest
of their lives. At the time they probably froze up, or maybe just didn't
give a damn. Either way, your actions can help embolden others to take
action in serious conditions to aid fellow people in need, instead of
standing their slack jawed.

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