NANFA-- Re: Electric Cuurent...was-- sunfish

Ty Hall (
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 09:17:12 -0600

Lance and all, a little tip. If you are using electric devices in your aquarium (and who isn't?) there is a device you should really look into adding. It's called a Grounding Probe. The brand I offer, in my shop, is called Rid-Volt. It's around $15. It's simply a probe you place in the tank and plug the other end into an available outlet. It will safely ground your aquarium and remove any stray voltage that may be leaking into the tank. I recommend them especially to people that have a tank that always has problems, no matter what they
do. Most of the time stray voltage can be the culprit. You can use a volt meter to check for stray voltage in your tank. You should be able to find them at your local fish shop. For the price it's cheap insurance.


Lance Merry wrote:


> The initial shock of being in the aquarium is the only real problem I've had with them unless you've got bad luck like me and the electrical appliances on the tank leak electricty in the aquarium for months....

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