Re: NANFA-- Mountain Fork trip

Bruce Stallsmith (
Wed, 04 Oct 2000 22:50:03 EDT

I still say we didn't see any studfish, even though by right they should be
in this stream. Further exploration will tell, hopefully! If we go back we
should be braced to do a full-scale ID session on shiners & chubs. I'm also
gonna try to bushwhack access to upstream areas including some of the source

--Bruce Stallsmith

>Subject: NANFA-- Mountain Fork trip
>Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 22:24:12 EDT
>to those concerned...
>the last waterlogged diehard members of this summer's foraying nanfa tva
>alliance converged NE of Huntsville AL at mountain fork creek. we arrived
>late and found the nanfa website lurker who goes by the real name of john
>alderman fixing to leave. after reassuring him again after bruce had
>reassured him 45 minutes before his one hour late that it is always better
>be late than to never show, rob mcdougal and i stretched our wetsuits on
>perhaps this season's last looki underwater. a salute to our prez, mr bruce
>who had done an excellent scout job. It was a mighty fine locale. The water
>was clear, spring fed, not toooo brrr... and lush with life. i collected a
>variety of greenery; plants, mosses, duckweeds to try back home in the
>aquariums, cement pond and bio filtration pool. we immediately saw TN
>big honcho rainbows, greensides and the BIGGEST sculpin ive ever seen. he
>could have swallowed a whole chicken bone! gambusia and i would claim N
>studfish, counter to bruce were also seen. a fine colored green sunfish was
>hooked by rob. a few little rock bass came our way. rosy side dace were
>lookin good and unique to my eyes. creek chubbs and stonerollers. mostly
>typical tn spring fish for me. rob also claimed to see a redhorse upstream.
>we were able to stampede some fish in the seine again while snorkling. this
>really helps to get a particular individual your after. being that we are
>four weak on proper id skills there were several more unknowns...
>particularly shiners. oh yea... stripe shiners were common too. hogsuckers
>were seen too.

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