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Mon, 30 Oct 2000 09:58:49 GMT

Last winter I wrote about introducing 12 Eastern mudminnows in my tiny pool
(with lots of plants) here in Belgium. A few weeks ago it seemed there was
no animal life anymore and lots of algae. So, we decided to empty it to see
what went wrong. Well, we caught 72 Eastern mudminnows, even two with severe
handicaps survived (no enemies in my pond). They ate every single
invertebrate!(except for one little lucky crustacian and a snail
Planorbarius corneus). I can imagine what those fish can do when introduced
in the wild here in Europe. Anyway, I added a little competition now:
Rhodeus sericeus (Bitterling) and I'm planning to ad some nine-spined
sticklebacks as well. I'm hoping they will eat eachothers fry next spring. I
also added some crustacians again offcourse and lots of snails and some
Bivalves: Physa fontinalis, Anisus vortex, Anisus leucostomus, Planorbis
sp., Potamopyrgus jenkinsi, Bithynia tentaculata, Lymnaea stagnalis, Unio
pictorum, Anadonta cygnea and Pisidium sp. . That's about everything (sorry,
I'm a mollusk fan). Now let's see what's left of all that next year... If
someone has any suggestions on keeping my fish population stabile, please
let me know. Sorry for my extremely bad English.
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