Re: NANFA-- Odd breeding colors on a rainbow darter
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 17:27:30 EDT

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I also noticed frequent color
changes in my blackside darters. Sometimes, they are actually completely all
black above the lateral line, but when the light is flipped on, they turn
real light, with the black turning to very light grey lines above the normal
black blotche. Right now, I beleive they are in breeding condition, as well.
The black blotches connected by the irregular black line has turned to 7
almost perfect grey circles, unconnected. Their dorsal fins are almost always
raised, and they are a very aggresive towards each other lately, nipping at
the caudal fin. Is it possible to sex them? I cannot tell the difference.
Also, i can never find any info on breeding them, what kind of spawners are
they? The algae/moss plants were at once full and lush dark green, but after
a week they are thin, brittle, and light green, oh well. I'm looking to find
some suitable wild plants from a fast stream environment. Do you have any
good plants that i could collect somewhere around here? Thanks again for the
info, can't wait to read the reply. ____Dan

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