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R. W. Wolff (
Thu, 12 Oct 2000 00:10:58 -0500

No flames from me, give any of these animals a couple 1000 years in
captivity and you will see this. Like we have chihuahuas now, after several
eons of inbreeding of dog breeds, which I believe came from one species of
"dog". With fish this may take less time to select for smaller idvidulas,
since fish spawn at a greater rate than mammals breed. The same with all
the true albino herps. The good thing with this " natural gene
manipulation" is that the end product doesn't stand much of a chance if
reintroduced into the wild, and if it does, is reasimilated back into the
normal gene pool rather rapidly. I enjoy sunfish, and often thought it
would be neat to make hybrids for the aquarium , but this just isn't what
anyone would really want. I thought of the Idea after hereing of hybrids
developed for food or sport. Hybrids may not be the way with sunfish, but
say bass that stay within 8 inches, that would be alright, whos to really


> slightest disturbance if some of the gene tinkers want to play with gene
> splicing and turn a profit they should try making copies of the larger
> aquarium fish that won't get too big. This one is really perfect. Can you
> imagine how a real shark that only grew to say 8" and lived in freshwater
> would sell as an aquarium fish. The big money in making animals to order
> be in the pet trade. How about a tiger that stays a cub and never weighs
> than 15 lb. and never gets a bad attitude? OK flame me, I'm ready, I know
> genetic manipulation can't be popular with this group.
> Moon

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