RE: Speaking of Public Aquariums... Was "Re: NANFA-- Newport Aquarium"

Fri, 6 Oct 2000 11:32:50 -0500

Robert, thanks for the thoughts. I understand why they do it, it justs irks
me that they have to. I would like to see them use the money that the showy
exhibits bring in, to fund the more educational ones. Unfortuanetly money
begets greed and they simply use it to fund more revenue generating
exhibits (not picking on the Shedd as much as making a general statement).
They do have a very elaborate Amazon Basin display, but again, we're in
Illinois, how about some dramatic displays on Native fishes! The best
Native tank I have seen is at the Outdoor World store at the Gurnee mall.
They have a huge tank full of Native fish and a small creek with Trout. Of
course most are game fish (they sell fishing equipment) but still they are
natives. If I want to see tank after tank of Barbs and Cichlids, I can go
to my LFS. They have better specimens and more variety. Hell, I have better
looking Cichlids then the Shedd aquarium!

I will look into what local Nature Centers we may have. I am not familiar
with any but if there is one I'll find it and check it out.


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