Re: NANFA-- KY collecting (long)

Roselawn Museum (
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 10:06:12 -0400

Hi Klaus

Sorry you couldn't make it in KY and I hope you are recovering nicely. I'll
try to get a pic this weekend of the mystery fundulus. It won't be
easy...he's a shy one. It's funny how you notice differences. Not all fish
feel the same in your hand. For instance, a lot of darters I pick up feel
rough to the touch. This particular topminnow felt immediately different
from the other fish I was collecting, and that's what made me take a closer
look. The skin felt very soft and slick, almost like a catfish. My eyes are
not the best on near vision, but I noticed how the head was more rounded
than the F. catenatus I was catching. It was also darker in appearance, but
that characteristic became less pronounced as the collection was placed in
the destination tank.

As for the darters, now you've really thrown me a curve! I can't find the
golden snub or the atripinne in the Peterson's so I'm not sure what to look
for. If you have pics of these two it would help me answer your question.
If not, let me know. These guys should be relatively easy for me to

Steven A. Ellis
Kennesaw, GA

>Red River has Catenatus and notatus...not sure about
>olivaceous ... I havent caught that one there. It
>would be surprising indeed to find yet another
>fundulus species in the upper red river of ky....can
>you take a pic?
>Steve, the red river where you collected has two
>snubnose darters... When I collected there, I caught
>many golden snubnose darters and just a few atripinne,
>though I got some. Check your collection again and
>you might see that you actually have two species.

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