NANFA-- ATTN ohio members and anyone close interested

Ashton, Matthew J. (
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:12:12 -0400

As Rob Carillo may have mentioned recently, I had been in the midst of
trying to put together a collecting trip together in my neck of the woods of
NE Ohio. This is mostly inclusive of streams that feed into the Upper
Cuyahoga , Mahoning drainage basing, as well as parts of the Eastern Chagrin
River Branch. The main focus would be collecting on Silver Creek, which a
portion runs through the Hiram College Field Station, which I work at. After
a long process, the school has just purchased approximately 70 more acres of
conservation land that is not connected to ours, but will be managed by us.
This includes a fairly long portion of Silver Creek, several ponds, and a
small lake created by a beaver dam. No studies have been done, nothing has
been collected, I haven't even seen the creek in that part. To get to the
point, fish need to be collected in that portion of silver creek and soon. I
have been itching to get back there and with a decent number of people it
would be a bit more helpful and adventurous since I can only wonder if what
is back there is the same is what as located a few miles upstream or not. If
anyone is interested in a group outing please let me know about
availabilities in dates, and I can further look into some access sites for
collecting in the different drainage basins. Email me back directly as . Id prefer not to clutter up the board and peoples mail
boxes since this really only pertains to people in Ohio.


Matt Ashton
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