RE: NANFA-- phenotypic phun.

Crail, Todd (
Fri, 18 Oct 2002 14:33:56 -0400

I wonder about this group then. It was certainly expressed in *all*
individuals. It would have been interesting to view some specimens from the
main waterbody in the watershed to see if they compared to this group which
was found in a headwater.

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Yeah, there's a population (or sub-species) in south Georgia/north Florida
that's know for that intense coloration. They're known as "purpurus"
(Lepomis macrochirus purpurus) because of this distinct coloration. And
they're also genetically distinct, a project of John Avise at the Univ. of
Georgia in the 1980s.

--Bruce Stallsmith
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>Subject: NANFA-- phenotypic phun.
>Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 09:25:38 -0400
>More interest emerges from the 10/12/02 trip.
>We caught a schlode of bluegill in one of the streams we visited.
>this wouldn't be much of a fuss. However, all of them had the most intense
>purple hue. Has anyone ever seen this before?
>Here is a shot I took. The first shot is straight off the camera... The
>second had contrast and brightness modified a bit in Photoshop, although I
>don't think either is really representative of how purple these fish were.
>At any rate, I thought it might be interesting to hear if anyone else had
>the mysterious "purplegill"? :)
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