NANFA-- cfi, sequatchie and chicken eggs
Mon, 21 Oct 2002 10:37:19 EDT

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hey bruce... and any interested
check out what the cfi guys did and are doing. spotfin chubbs are a very
beautiful fish, i was stunned when i first saw one while snorkling the emory.
now im looking forward to seeing them in the tellico too. and cfi may be
putting them in shoal creek... just downstream of the place ranger bob and i
snorkled in after martin's fish camp. have the tn valley guys and gals had a
great year! lots of travels, visits and new waters.

bruce... im glad you had a fun weekend too. did you return with anything or
was tuskaloga a distribution of your wifes workwomanship? i cant remember
what she makes? i took coby and cerulean up to sequatchie valley this weekend
to ketner's mill. it dams the sequatchie to grind corn, a relic structure of
the past. below the dam is an excellent run where i snorkled and saw a nice
diversity last year including a baptism and a school of silversides which i
thought was unusual being i have never seen a school before. i will return
again the spring for some spawning colors. great spot. at the festival we
partaked of a bakers dozen of hot apple fritters and a big plate of spiral
cut hot and greasy potato chips. brought home some wildflower honey, fresh
made minnenite mollasses and a framed sissors snipped illustration of a wild
jack rabbit riding a saddled cockadoddledo. ever had molassees? good on
buttered bisquits. an odd burnt type taste but very good. takes a bit of
getting use to. we watched them grind down the sugar cane using a big chunk
of geared iron powered by a circle strolling mule using the ol carrot lure.
the collected and filtered juice was then poured into a long zigzag heated
steaming pan to cook down the juice into the thick, hot black molasses.
steamy, messy and fresh green frothy.
we then crossed the river proper to the nw and checked out the owens spring
cave, francis spring and the little sequatchie river. this is the area i took
the fellas during the seinerama. looked cold w/ a dreary sky overhead. but
clear and nicely vegetated. we did a quick run over to the keener's farm. we
had to pull off the road and let them pass us as they were herding a flock of
minature sheep w/ a electric golf cart. :) after a few hellos and howdos we
purchased 3 dozen multi colored free range chicken eggs and miriane tossed in
a bag of shitake mushrooms. sounds like i might make a omelett cas a roll for
dinner tonight! maybe even add some cheese and ketner mill grits to the
a fine way to end the weekend. not many fish but watching the season end
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