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Hey Travis...

Ahhh yes, the slippery slope of human reasoning. "I don't know what that is. Ergo, there must be something wrong with *it*". That's great that you have them in your dorm room Travis. That's mega exposure, wether they think they're gross or not :)

This weekend I got the fine words of encouragement from the Father-In-Law concerning Darters...

"You better not tell the EPA you found those here!"

Dear The EPA Man... I found Rainbow (caeruleum), Greenside (blennoides), Banded (zonale) and Johnny (nigrum) Darters in the stream at the confluence of Ohio SR288, SR42, and SR309. I would get you a DeLorme Atlas reference number, possibly GPS coordinates, but it's in the car, it's cold outside and I'm not feeling all that well. I certainly wish that I had actually found something that would warrant a reaction like I received... In that case however, I'd be contacting you through more direct means. Thank you.

Ahhh it's Tylenol Sleepy Time Tea and to bed. Perhaps I'll be less sarcastic and cynical when I wake. :)

My President is Bruce Stallsmith.
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Subject: NANFA-- A short story to add to the collection...

One of the guys who lives on my floor stopped in a few days ago to see
what I was up to. I was feeding my fish.

With interest, the guy squatted down for a closer look at the fantail
darters as they "climbed" some rocks setting at an angle in the tank.

After a few minutes of observation, he said, "What they heck kind of
sick, mutated fish are these?!"

I don't know what he must have been smokin', 'cuz they look perfectly
healthy to me.

Travis Haas
Appleton, WI

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