RE: NANFA-- Amia ova

Jay DeLong (
Sat, 11 Oct 2003 08:43:24 -0700

>Also - marketing a high-dollar item
>to swanky-types may tough when you put a mudfish/dogfish/grinnel on the can.

Maybe the sturgeon is a logo, but is the bowfin any less attractive than a
sturgeon? And the people they're marketing to wouldn't know those more
derogatory names for the bowfin. I think the swanky
champagne-wishes-and-caviar-dreams people know their roe. They wouldn't
serve the wrong wine, so would they use just any egg? So who is this
company marketing to? They also have caviar from Russian Golden Pike
(Russian?) In their marketing pitch they describe the benefits of
cultured caviar. But certainly the high price of bowfin eggs is because
they can't be cultured.

Also for sale on Ebay are fossilized bowfin parts and a stuffed bowfin!

I just received my order of "Golden Gar Caviar". Looks yummy, I think I'll
try a taste, mmm, tastes funny, ackk...
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