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Todd Crail (
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Some great examples about how hardy fish can be in regards to temperature

I think that with the "less hardy" species, again it's an accumulative
effect of stress. There's something to the scale damage and handling that
pushes them over the edge, if not, at least to the edge. Getting picked up
in 8' of nylon mesh is pretty unnatural isn't it? :) If the genotype
you're dealing with was already at some preliminary temperature or DO2 limit
that has them stressed, handling is definately going to be enough stress to
push them over.

This is why I prefer to collect home specimens when the water temp is less
than 70 degrees. I have way more success warming a fish up from 35 degrees
F to 65 degrees F over a couple hours (Nearly zero mortality and I use a
splash method, so they're getting temp extremes as they collectively warm)
than I do taking fish that were at 78 degrees F and putting them into my mid
summer 78 degree aquariums.

For sure, the dramatic change in temp is stressful, I guess I feel that it's
some sort of "trifecta" of stressors that are going to make the animal

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> Freshwater examples locally:
> Fundulus diaphanus menona- Western Banded Killifish.
> Acting like their brackish cousins, you will find them in steaming hot
> deep mud slicks on the lake shores they inhabit in Central Wisconsin.
> is in early May, or even April , if we are lucky enough to have some warm
> sunny days, which the past 365 days are lacking ( warm that is , plenty of
> sun and dry). The main lake water is freezeing ( ok, freezeing for me
> swimming wise is under 75) more like the low 60's. I have not measured
> mud slicks, but I would guess they are in the 90's, because they are
> uncomfortable to touch with my hand. A hand that turns meat on the grill
> none the less.
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