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I have a book published in 1977 called "Fisheries Investigations and Management in Rhode Island Lakes and Ponds", put out by the RI F&W. This book is fantastic, with surveys of every body of water found in my state. Depth chart maps and line graphs on total alkalinity, dissolved oxygen, pH, and temp from 0 ft to the bottom are included for each pond along with a table of "species captured, observed, or stocked" in each. Of course it is mainly game type fish, but the table does include golden shiner and brindle shiner. I don't think they put stuff like this out anymore.

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DATE: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 21:21:39
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>I know, according to dot maps in various publications, the same could be
>said about any water way away from major metro areas in Wisconsin as well. I
>wonder , really, how many rural areas have been properly sampled, and when
>sampled, given a fair go? This could account for the "phenomana" of non game
>fish ranges extending over the past few years. Just 40 years ago official
>publications put out by the state labeled any fish other than big game
>speices as plain forage. Sometimes the detailed descriptions would mention
>sunfish species other than bluegill, pumpkinseed, rock bass, and the two
>crappies. Even there that was a rare occassion. Unfortunatly, these nice
>publications are no longer made, let alone in print. Even though non game
>info was lacking, the information about the water was incredible. I am
>referring to the " Surface water Resources of "X" County" Series of the mid
>to late 60's. I am lucky enough to have a copy of my and some surrounding
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