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<< How about a truce? I've been trying to ignore the lower points of this
thread for days, but since it shows no signs of fading, I propose that the
controversy be moved to the level of a structured debate. This could be
done online with a panel of judges chosen from among neutral lurkers, and
equal representation of midwesterners and outsiders. Two teams, ten
exchanges, ending with an online handshake. Where else but in cyberspace
could logic and emotion meet more equally, and in the process serve to
educate the rest of us to these important issues? Who's up for it? Bruce,
if this violates any NANFA bylaws, I will respectfully withdraw my proposal.

Good idea Steve; I think this would be infinitely preferable to arguments
with a lot of sarcasm and personal attacks. Please understand that I'm not
passing judgement on anyone involved in it; but it is rather distressing to
see fellow native fish enthusiasts attacking each other on this list. We
shouldn't attack each other based on philosophies or make remarks to each
other which we know to be insulting. This accomplishes nothing and doesn't
have anything to do with the debate in the same way that facts do. Everyone
should realize that everyone else has their own perception of the situation
and a reason for it, whether or not it's right or wrong. In an argument
people should either try to change the other person's mind (if they feel that
they're truly in the right) or make a meaningful statement to others
witnessing the debate. Insults are not the way because they seem malicious to
those who are merely witnessing the debate, especially when those people
listening are not swayed one way or the other. I know that everyone in the
debate may become annoyed by the opposing sides' statements, but sometimes it
pays in the long run to be patient; then both sides may come to an
understanding. I see people jumping on each other too quick, and if they
would just restrain themselves, wait, listen, debate (politely)or be careful
how they state themselves in the beginning a lot of the conflicts could be

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