NANFA-- Bison, Kansas, and wacko extreemists...

Dave Neely (
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:48:39 CDT

I believe the esteemed Mr. McClurg is referring to the following lawsuit
(info from How this is going
to impact the citizens (both human and piscine) of Kansas is obvious- rather
than it being [sic] "my rawght to pollute my awn goldang land," it will
provide accountability to individuals or corporations who knowingly
discharge contaminants into Kansas waters (and yess, farm ponds are
classified as Kansas waters). This includes pollutants from agricultural
operations. Why is this critical? Much of Kansas is underlain with
limestone... so the stuff on top of the land eventually winds up IN the
groundwater. Lawrence, KS municipal water supplies have elevated levels of
atrazine and cyanazine (weedkillers)[data from]. Why should this
worry anyone living in Kansas? It shouldn't, right Luke? Why, it's probably
all a bunch of bull made up by left-wing extreemist Gore supporters, right
Luke? Have another glass of water...



Embargoed for Release On May 25, 2000

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Settles Clean Water Act Lawsuit brought
by Kansas Sierra Club and the Kansas Natural Resource Council

A consent decree settling the latest Clean Water Act lawsuit brought by the
Sierra Club and the Kansas Natural Resource Council against the United
States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been signed by all parties
and approved by United States District Judge John Lungstrum.

There are three significant outcomes of this lawsuit. First, EPA will
designate over 1400 water bodies in Kansas for "primary contact recreation",
thus protecting those waters for such activities as swimming, boating, skin
diving, water skiing, windsurfing, and mussel harvesting. The Kansas
Department of Health and Environment has refused to give these Kansas water
bodies this level of protection from pollution. Second, the EPA
Administrator will consider issuing rules classifying all private lakes and
wetlands in Kansas as "Waters of the United States" thus putting them, for
the first time in Kansas, under the auspices of the Clean Water Act. Third,
Kansas' water quality standards that do not meet minimal federal standards
will no longer be allowed to become law.

This consent decree settles a lawsuit filed in United States District Court
for the District of Kansas on August 23, 1999 by Sierra Club and the Kansas
Natural Resource Council against EPA. Sierra Club and KNRC alleged that EPA
failed to perform a nondiscretionary duty to promulgate water quality
standards for those water quality standards submitted to EPA by Kansas in
1994 and disapproved by EPA in 1998. John Simpson, a Kansas City,
Missouri attorney represented KNRC and Charles Benjamin, a Lawrence, Kansas
attorney, represented Sierra Club in this litigation.

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