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Thu, 21 Sep 2000 23:30:09 EDT

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<< Also, there are a number of websites devoted to freshwater mussels although
I don't have the addresses at hand.

For those that enjoy interesting common names, freshwater mussels are where
it's at! Where else can you find names like Wabash pigtoe, Louisiana
fatmucket and Texas Heelsplitter? >>

Well, in my case I'm more interested in snails; we can't collect mussels in
Michigan where I live (illegal; this is the land of the zebra mussel now).
We're not even supposed to HANDLE them, or the shell or parts thereof. I had
two different types of mussels that I got from the pet store once; they
lasted for 9 months in a tank with my fish , then died. They were interesting
in how they moved around using their "foot"; I didn't know they could do that
before. The snails would be the ones I'm interested in learning about as far
as identifying the natives and exotics for my state, what they look like ,
and so on.

I agree with what you said about the mussels' names; they are intruiging. I'd
be interested to know just what the hell is a mucket?!? Where did they come
up with that name?

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