NANFA-- korean meal... gotta sit down for this.
Wed, 6 Sep 2000 23:50:45 EDT

i had lunch today...
a korean restaurant. ordered some kind of safe chicken thing and they brought
out about 8 bowls of vari food/elements/things. seaweed strands, sukinis and
cucumbers(?) marinated in some oily granulated mess, fish slivers in sauce (
pretty Good... more please ), fish broth soup, things i dont know ( even
after a bite or two ), good cabbage gone bad... all this was before the item
i ordered finally appeared... which i ended up boxing for dinner tonight.
the oddest thing placed before me was this bowl of shriveled up little
minnows. must of been about a hundred of them... from 1 to 2" long. chewy
little rascals. i couldnt id them proper but judging from taste i would say
that would have to be a sub species of the spring dwelling...hum... :)
if you've never visited a oriental grocery store... do so... and plan to
spend some real time looking above, down, behind and in crates, boxes and
barrels. many, many odd things. all kinds of mushrooms, canned and dried ( a
fav ). and strange things... canned and dried and hanging about. if you get a
pack of snack crackers look kinda careful cause there is sure to be a dried
fish, krill or "something else" one or two in the mix. ive also seen cans of
"dace" on the shelves. im kinda wondering if they were mislabeling stone
rollers...? :) them black noses are much to hard to catch local.
actually these little sautaeed fishies were kinda good... but i felt
guilty... i ate more minners in one sitting than i will inadvertently kill
this whole year while collecting.

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