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Sun, 10 Sep 2000 10:10:55 EDT

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<< Go for it Ray, I'm about tired of being told I can't do something and have
others with more money and power destroy what I just wanted to enjoy. At
Wrightsville Beach the North end used to be just dunes. People would hike
dunes, lay out in the sun among the dunes in the winter to get away from the
wind (in the nude sometimes) well, the environmentalists decided it was
hurting the dunes for people to walk on them so it was declared off limits.
Then someone with enough money decided beach houses and condos would look
better than dunes and yes they bulldozed the dunes and now it's a solid
avenue of expensive homes and condos and you still can't walk there because
now it's somebody's yard. >>

And somehow these two things are equal???? I hope I'm misunderstanding what
you're saying here. I admit, I'm not one that thinks people should be shut
out of natural areas. But in this case, I'd much rather be shut out of the
area by the evil environmentalists than have the area leveled, deveolped and
locked away by the good ole, tax paying developers and property owners. At
least it would still be there! At least it would be helping aid in the
stability of that beach instead of the opposite!

Our coastal areas are very fragile places, especially the barrier islands
along the Carolina coast. They've taken alot of abuse and I for one would
love to see some set aside. I love going to the beach too! I know I
contribute to the problem of overcrowding there. But, if we all tried to at
least limit our impact, these places could be around for our kids and their
kids to enjoy.

I feel like I'm hearing mixed (up?) messages here. One the one hand, we don't
want to see ponds drained (I can certainly agree with that), but on the other
we want complete access to an area to drive 4-wheelers through them and do as
we taxpayers see fit without regulation. Enlighten me....I don't see how
these are compatible? Hopefully, I just reading it wrong.


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