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Sun, 10 Sep 2000 13:45:57 EDT

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I feel like I'm hearing mixed (up?) messages here. One the one hand, we
want to see ponds drained (I can certainly agree with that), but on the
we want complete access to an area to drive 4-wheelers through them and do
we taxpayers see fit without regulation. Enlighten me....I don't see how
these are compatible? Hopefully, I just reading it wrong.
The ponds they ride 4 wheeler through are small about the size of a house and
dry up in dry weather. The lakes I was talking about are big and permenut
part of the landscape or were. Riding the 4 wheelers through them is
stretching it but if the ponds are just gonna be filled in why not? My point
is we are kept away from certain areas to keep from damaging them but when
money is involved all the stops come out and the areas are destroyed or made
available to a privileged few who can do as they please with them. I am tired
of seeing the swamps and wet lands drained and filled in to put more and more
houses in an area that is over developed already. The beach is another area
that is being over developed for use by a privileged few. The state park at
Fort Fisher is a constant battle to exclude people and 4X4s from the beach
completely even though it is and area used by people for decades that have no
other access to the sound or beach area. The old excuse that the dunes were
slowly being eroded by human activity became a joke when in one night a
hurricane wiped several miles of dunes flat as a pancake. Even that was
almost successfully used to keep people out of the area (several lame excuses
including the new sand was too soft to drive a 4X4 on they would get stuck,
yeah right) I am more than willing to use wild areas in a reasonable way,
never dump trash, even pick it up each time I go there. But if people aren't
going to be able to use it at all and then they want to use my tax money to
pump new sand onto the beach to repair hurricane damage they can go spit. If
it has to be wild, then let it be wild and that means it's not perminut. It
changes with every storm and tide, sometimes it gets bigger, sometimes it
gets smaller or even disappears.


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