Re: NANFA-- Minnow trap

R. W. Wolff (
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 13:40:24 -0700

I prefer the term " conservationists" but ain't keen on political
correctness so , so be it. I guess my main quandery is over the use of the
government to sweep in and save us from ourselves. The Feds have proved they
bungle, over price, and mess up stuff more often than not. I am not an
anarchist, and think State and Local governments can do a better job at
taking care of these items, we do need laws, just not so many contradictory
and archaic ones that just muddle things up. I am not big on lots of people
in one area, prefer to be the only one out on the water, but still enjoy
seeing the crowded beaches, river covered with boats on the walleye run, and
all the vehicles parked along the hunting lands come deer season. All them
people enjoying, and hopefully learning , about whats outside the concrete
covered cities. There is always going to be knotheads dumping stuff, or
whatever, but I dont think everyone should pay the price for that. But, as
it seems to me, when Government regs come into play, those who picked up
others trash, carefully stepped around nests, etc. will get the same
treatment as those who brought there bags of garbage from home and did
donuts on a sand plover nest site do, what I see as the " those stupid
common people, dont know what they are doing, need big brothers over funded
hand to guide and mold them in the right direction " comments.

> Hey Ray and Moon, you guys ARE environmentalists! We're (maybe) debating
> fine points of response here, not underlying feelings or views. The fact
> that Moon realizes that barrier beaches should be allowed to fluctuate at
> will puts him in the solid green camp. I guess we all knew about Jay...
> --Bruce Stallsmith

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