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Sat, 16 Sep 2000 23:10:31 -0400

This is from Rob Carillio, who had trouble posting it to the list:

Hello everyone, from rainy north east Ohio, on Saturday morning!!! Had a
nice date last night, bu I'm not telling anyone about that!!!... HA!!!
Actually, I just want to give a brief update as to the convention in 2001,
so far....

As many of you may know, the dates are most likely going to be July 26th
thru the 28th. These dates were determined based on accomodation
availability, stream and weather conditions, attendence possibilities of
speakers and members, among a few other factors.

As you konw, this event will be held in the beautiful HOCKING HILLS region
of Ohio!!!.. For those of you who like to explore, You are in for a big
treat. Betcha didnt know Ohio had this many hills!!!HA! This is actually the
region of Ohio that has the graceful foot hills of the Appalachain
Mountains. The flora and fauna diversity here is quite uniqe!

There are an abundance of streams, rivers and lakes!!! The area is within
easy acess of Port Columbus International Airport, and the City of Columbus
too! It is about an hour s.e. of Columbus, and also within comfortable
driving range for many members of NANFA. I will send all regional reps. an
info pack, when ready, that they can use to promote the convention to their
respected region's members.

As for speakers, so far we have the following: Pat Quackenbush (yes, you
read it right!), Hocking Hills Naturalist, who will be discussing the flora
and fauna of the immediate gorge area of the hills. OF COURSE, HE IS GOING

Ohio EPA's Bob Davic, will speak on the Mahoning River... a look into the
past present and future. Bob will talk about recent fish surveys taken on
this once heavily abused river (You will not believe what was dont to this
river!), and discuss it's astonishing recovery, and return to
respectability. There was a time when a portion of this river was deemed
"completely dead"

River's Unlimited, one of the nation's oldest and most sucessful river
health advocacy and activist group, will see Mike Fremont present an indepth
look at what his group had done for several years to conserve and protect
rivers in Ohio. He will show his presentation he gives communities, on how a
clean river is critical to the health of the economy, and quality of life.
He will also speak on the Muskingum River and it's unique bio-diversity, and
show his stats. on whether it is sensible or not to remove exhisting dams in
communities thatr have rivers. You might be suprised to see how a community
with a river flowing through it is better of without the dam, in so many
ways, not only for fish alone!

Randy Sanders, ODND Div. of wildlife will discuss his new book, as well as
stream restoration and protection efforts his agency is making with private
land owners. Randy is a gem to have working in ODNR, and through his
efforts, these agencies are paying attention more than ever on the
importance of non-game fish. Randy is also inviting some university

Dan Rice, Ohio Division of Natural Areas and preserve's zoologist, will
present a talk on Ohio's endangered fishes. He will point out past and
present distribution, as well as a look into what their future holds. Some
fish though to be extripated were found to be surviving in "hold out

Other talks I am working on securing: The Nature Conservancy and The Big
Darby Creek, one of the midwests most diverse stream eco-systems boasting
over 80 species of fishes!

Mark Smith and his tank breeding brook trout

Vince Lacontte ODNR Restoration of native Ohio brook trout population,
recently thought to be absent from Ohio, until a small population was
discovered in The Chagrin River 45 miles east of Cleveland

Nick Zarlinga, Cleveland Metroparks zoo: How to create the native habitat
in the home aquarium by constructing back grounds that duplicate pools, mud
bottoms, and banks, tree roots etc. This is a dandy, and very creative for
those of you that do not want to "paste" pictures on the back of your tank
anymore!!!! HA!

I, myself, will possibly demonstrate how one can achieve lighting in the
native aquarium, that will bring out colors you would not believe your fish
had. The lighting looks natural, and is very affordable

I am also recruiting speakers on any aquarium related subject that we may
find unique and interesting.... any takers????

As for activity in the area, don't worry, there is a stream right on the
property, as well as several all around. I will have transportation to field
sites as well. Randy Sanders will lead a trip and demonstrate various
techniques the division of wildlife uses to gain valuable data on fish
population and distribution. Randy suggests that we should be able to id at
least 45 species of fish!

There will be breakfast served each day, and breakfast lunch and dinner
served the first day of the event. There are places to get food, for those
that want to wander off on their own, a short distance away.

I hope to have all the regional reps to participate in setting up a tank of
no more than twenty gallons (space allowance), that would represent a
habitat unique to their area. This will be the NANFA "mini public aquarium"
so to speak!!!

I also need donations of any kind brought to this event, and those that wish
to do so... should do so! James Ghram!!... Where are you!!! I need you to
arrange this kingfish thing.

After I secure the accomodations, and get some prize donations, we can then
begin the raffle arrangements!!!.... Well, that all for now folks... are
your eyes going to fall out yet???!!! .... HA!... More later! Robert
Carillio, Ohio, NANFA PS> I have a good idea for a shirt logo, who wants
to draw it???? need help on this project and others as this would work best!

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