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Mon, 18 Sep 2000 23:03:11 EDT

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<< Mark Smith and his tank breeding brook trout >>

That would be interesting to learn about; I've never heard anyone discuss
breeding brook trout or any other kind of trout in the aquarium.

<< Nick Zarlinga, Cleveland Metroparks zoo: How to create the native habitat
in the home aquarium by constructing back grounds that duplicate pools, mud
bottoms, and banks, tree roots etc. This is a dandy, and very creative for
those of you that do not want to "paste" pictures on the back of your tank
anymore!!!! HA!

I, myself, will possibly demonstrate how one can achieve lighting in the
native aquarium, that will bring out colors you would not believe your fish
had. The lighting looks natural, and is very affordable >>

I could use this information as well. I've been wanting to know how to
construct realistic backgrounds to duplicate different habitats in the
aquarium for a while now. The lighting thing is something I've been wondering
about recently as well. I want to know what kind of lighting I will need to
get the most out of different native fish species' colors.

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