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Ha ha ha, now that is funny, not the poor guy who understood cold blooded
metabolisms, but that the group, whichever wako group it was, got theres.
Here is why I beleive it is alright to leave fish unfed for periods of time,
although not several periods of time close together. 1. it is natural for
fish to not find food in the wild at times. 2 small fish can find alot to
eat in a natural set up ( gravel, wood work, rock piles, live plants etc).
3. large fish have fat reserves for this very purpose, and often the case
most aquarium fish are over fed and a fast does them more good than harm. I
have left both pygmy sunfish, killifish fast for 9 days while I took a
selfish vactaion, they actually spawned and did not eat their young while I
was gone. The larger sunfish species, mudminnows, gars and bowfin are
usually out side when I take vacation , but if not. upon arriving I find
them full of spunk and ready to resume normal feeding schedules. To ready
my fish for such times I fatten them on worm based diets, and add lots of
live, aquatic foods the day before I depart as added measure. I have even
had luck with unexpected fry hatching before a trip. Flooding the tank
with paramecium and euglena usually tide them over. I have had little
problem with fry ( which should be fed atleast twice a day for proper
growth) dieing while I am away.
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> I'm rather fuzzy about the details on this, but a couple years ago I read
> story about a guy who publicly claimed he went on vacation for something
> like 2 weeks, and left his aquarium fish unattended and unfed for that
> period of time. Some group (I don't know which; PETA possibly?) heard his
> statement and sued him for cruelty to animals!
> He went to court, spent a lot of money defending himself, and was then
> exonerated when he or his lawyer found a pamphlet stating it was okay to
> leave fish unfed for that period of time.
> And now, the rest of the story...
> The group who had written the pamplet was the same one that had sued him!

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