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<< a dandelion in the yard, to many, is an "undesirable" plant... however,
bet that if mass marketing and media decided to promote this benign plant as
something we should have, it would sell. Add to this, how the plant is
presented: As long as it were placed in a fancy pot, and placed on a shelf
in a lawn and garden store,and nicely tagged, it would most likely sell. >>

Yeah; I think that's part of the reason that some people think that natives
aren't a valid aquarium fish to keep. The terms I hear used from a few
(ignorant) people like "ditch" or "creek" fish" to describe natives I think
speak volumes as to why they hold them in less regard than tropicals; because
they're obtained from these places and not from a pet store where you're
"supposed" to get fish; they're not valid because they weren't purchased,
rather they were caught. The ironic thing is that I have had these people
turn around and admire a juvenile pike I had caught out of a ditch. I think
part of the disdain too is that people don't realize that North American
fishes can be pretty or have an unusual appearance just like many tropicals.
That and the fact that they were gotten for free in the wild; instead of
bought in a store.

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