RE: NANFA-- Natives should get TV exposure

Jay DeLong (
Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:21:26 -0700

Rob, I agree that native fish education and conservation would benefit from
such videos on TV. I don't know what Dr. Roston's video includes, but I'm
pretty sure he did not approach the Discovery Channel or any other TV
network about showing his video. He told us in Illinois that his primary
goal with video is to document as many species spawning in the wild as he
can, as well as to document the occurrences of species. As great as this
stuff is to you and me, it'd have to be made more digestible for a TV
audience, with things such as a narrator the audience likes, an
easily-understood message, music, great footage and editing, and more that I
can't even think about. Therefore, let's hope he can at least get an
organization like AFS to fund and market it for a fisheries audience and see
what happens then. Perhaps our efforts would be better spent by contacting
AFS and requesting their help doing this.

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

> -----Original Message----- > From: On Behalf > Of Robert Carillio > Sent: Monday, September 18, 2000 7:16 AM > To: > Subject: Re: NANFA-- Natives should get TV exposure > > > > Here is one way to get these channels to look at natives, but I doubt it > would happen due to it relying on every nanfa member to write > letters!!!... > Here it is: If every nanfa member sent in a letter of support for showing > this native fish footage on their channel (Bill Roston footage), > and if the > network received some 500 letters pretty much ALL AT ONCE ALONG > WITH A COPY > OF THE VIDEO, This just may get a response!!!... This is do-able, > and worth > a try. Perhaps this is something that can be encouraged through > A/C as this > publication reaches all nanfa members. We can even have a form > letter that > could be signed by the member, or a couple of sample letters that > they could > erite to help them a long the way. At least we will be heard, and > someone at > Discovery will know.... and they can't "UNKNOW" it!!! I say this > is worth a > try... what do we have to lose, as this will cost nothing!!!!

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